The Insight Subluxation Station

Introducing The Insight Subluxation Station

Our comprehensive approach to chiropractic is built upon the remarkable technology embodied in our Space-Certified, Insight Subluxation Station. With it, chiropractors are able to establish a reliable, scientifically valid, quantitative, multidimensional representation of their patient’s condition – something never before possible. The insight this provides is significant on many levels. It enable chiropractors to analyze a patient’s condition more accurately. It enables them to communicate their findings more effectively. It enables both the chiropractors and patients to track the effectiveness of treatment. It helps patients understand the underlying principles of chiropractic and appreciate the wellness benefits of long term treatment beyond simple symptom relief. And it allows chiropractors to build a base of patients who are willing to make chiropractic a key element in their personal mission of long term wellness for themselves and their families. It all starts with an understanding of the technologies that comprise the Insight Subluxation Station. So we invite you now to delve into these technologies, as well as our unique NeuroSpinal Function Index. Then continue to explore all the other elements of our unique approach. The more you know, the more we know you will want to join us in our mission to revolutionize the practice and perception of chiropractic worldwide.


The Five Insight Technologies
Proof Positive — Chiropractic Works!
Unique attributes of the Insight
The Science Behind the Insight Subluxation Station

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Insight Pre-scan Video