Total Solution

Total Solution is crafted to unlock your “leadership gene”. It is far more than a training seminar – it is an experiential leadership retreat, which challenges participants to break through their self-imposed limitations and attain new levels of personal and professional greatness. This legendary 3 ½ day program has graduated over 7000 participants from all corners of the globe. TS is hosted twice yearly at The Nature Place, nestled in the remote Colorado mountains. It is the perfect setting to reflect, plan and develop new levels of certainty.
Total Solution is a transformative experience. It will help you define your strengths while identifying your inconsistencies. The TS experience begins with the shuttle ride from the Colorado Springs airport. It’s where lifelong friendships begin and practices transform. Accommodation and meals are included so participants can remain focused on the outcomes that matter most: Leadership! Clarity. Certainty. Inspiration. You will leave the mountain with the tools and strategies to lead yourself, your practice, your community, and your profession.
Topics of conversation include:

  • Contradictions and Congruency – how your beliefs and procedures are masking the great chiropractor within you
  • Pathways to Prosperity: Greatness planning
  • Loving the Business and the power of a cash practice
  • Pediatrics: Family wellness practices flourish after TS
  • The science behind the Insight: You’ll find out what the RRTB really means.
  • Doctor and team certification including extensive Hands-on training, scan interpretation and communication training
  • Breaking through personal barriers

Upcoming Date for our Colorado Springs location

April 27th-30th, 2017
October 19th-22nd, 2017

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“The combination of Total Solution and the INSiGHT Subluxation technology is a life changing event. I was at a Dr. Jackson seminar in San Diego this year, and heard Dr. Fletcher speak again. I knew that I needed the updated technology and that my head space needed to be re-aligned and improved. So, I signed up immediately and set up for the next T.S. What did I get out of T.S.? A whole new and improved approach to explaining chiropractic and how to combine scientific technology and my heart. I’m back to the passion that got me into chiropractic over 30 years ago. What impact has it had on my practice? Increases in every aspect of practice and babies and children, (the reasons that motivated me to become a chiropractor), flocking into my office because I was now ready for them. How would I rate my experience? The T.S. venue is awesome. The other people attracted to T.S. are amazing individuals and connecting with them is exhilarating. Overall it is life changing, empowering and now I’m more focused than ever on fulfilling my personal God-given mission and helping the thousands of people that live in my area that need what I have to share. The time to go is now. The INSiGHT technology needs to be in your office. You need to explain chiropractic with the INSiGHT that can show chiropractic’s amazing effects on the nervous system. Want to serve more people, go to T.S. and get a bigger vision and purpose.”
-Bill Lawler“Time to have a reality check. ATTN all TS grads….. myself included. Quit shelving what you experienced at TS, pull out the manual and stop letting life/business etc re-conform you. Get back to the TS MINDSET and get back to your roots. TS is not a memory, it needs to be a daily reality! Check yourself today!”
-Matt Hubbard, DC“Before the turn of the millennium, Patrick Gentempo and I developed the legendary Total Solution program. Since then, over seven thousand chiropractors have attended TS, and incorporated the INSiGHT Subluxation Station into their practices. November 2014 will mark the 100th Total Solution seminar. It is gratifying to see the dream being realized. Kudos to David Fletcher and his team for growing our vision.”
-Christopher Kent, DC, JD“Just like a perfectly developing kid, there are absolutely essential things that a successful chiropractor must go through early in their career or journey to success. Total Solution is absolutely one of those vital things! I spent my time on the mountain soaking up, writing down, and absorbing everything I could. The amount I learned in that short period of time was truly unbelievable and set me squarely on a course to epic levels of certainty, and thus success! Since I went through nearly 6 years ago I’ve sent dozens of other docs who come back with the same experience I’ve had, and I know it’s value so much it’s a requirement of any and every doctor who ever comes to work for me!”
Dr. Anthony J. Ebel, DC, CACCP, CCWP
“Even though I’ve scaled “the mountain” no fewer than 95 times over the years, the experience never gets old. Maybe it’s the countless people who were touched by something special and then shared the blessing with someone else “down below”. Bottom line? This is the most life-transforming event I have encountered in 30 years around the globe. Participants come hoping to sharpen their technical skills; they leave inspired to become a better person. That’s why I’m so passionate about empowering the person to   impact his or her profession. What better place to discover what really matters? The atmosphere is enchanting, the peaks are breathtaking, then something magical happens. Unlike Vegas, however, what happens there can not stay there. Those who so choose can turn this “momentary high” into a lifelong adventure to share with family and friends.”
-Dave Mager