Total Solution

Total Solution is crafted to unlock your "leadership gene". It is far more than a training seminar – it is an experiential leadership retreat, which challenges participants to break through their self-imposed limitations and attain new levels of personal and professional greatness. This legendary 3 ½ -day program has graduated over 6900 participants from all corners of the globe. TS is hosted twice yearly at The Nature Place, nestled in the remote Colorado mountains. It is the perfect setting to reflect, plan and develop new levels of certainty.

Total Solution is a transformative experience. It will help you define your strengths while identifying your inconsistencies. The TS experience begins with the shuttle ride from the Colorado Springs airport. It’s where lifelong friendships begin and practices transform. Accommodation and meals are included so participants can remain focused on the outcome that matters most: Leadership! Clarity. Certainty. Inspiration. You will leave the mountain with the tools and strategies to lead yourself, your practice, your community, and your profession.

Topics of conversation include:

  • Contradictions and Congruency – how your beliefs and procedures are masking the great chiropractor within you
  • Pathways to Prosperity: Greatness planning
  • Loving the Business and the power of a cash practice
  • Pediatrics: Family wellness practices flourish after TS
  • The science behind the Insight: You’ll find out what the RRTB really means.
  • Doctor and team certification including extensive Hands-on training, scan interpretation and communication training
  • Breaking through personal barriers

"Time to have a reality check. ATTN all TS grads….. myself included. Quit shelving what you experienced at TS, pull out the manual and stop letting life/business etc re-conform you. Get back to the TS MINDSET and get back to your roots. TS is not a memory, it needs to be a daily reality! Check yourself today!"
                                       -Matt Hubbard


You will leave with clinical and personal certainty that
translates into greater practice success.

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2014 Calendar for our Colorado Springs location

Thursday,  Nov. 6 – Sunday,  Nov. 9, 2014


2015 Calendar for our Colorado Springs location

March 19 – 22, 2015

August 6 – 9, 2015