The Insight Subluxation Station


Introducing The Insight Subluxation Station.

The only technology of its kind certified by the Space Foundation.

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“The Insight addresses a chiropractor’s need of objective evaluation of neuro-spinal function related to vertebral subluxation.”

–Christopher Kent, D.C.

The 5 Technologies of the Insight

Rolling/Segmental Thermal Scanner
sEMG Static/Dynamic
Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP)
Wireless Dual Inclinometer
The patented Insight™ Thermal Scanner assesses autonomic nervous system function by measuring skin temperature differentials. It utilizes data published in the Journal of… The Insight™ Algometer hand-held device accurately measures the sensitivity of paraspinal tissues. It consists of a handle which reads pressure in pounds or kilograms… CLA has a long record of success with sEMG. CLA co-founder, Dr. Christopher Kent conducted research at Palmer College utilizing sEMG back in the 1970’s.  The Insight PWP allows you to monitor the autonomic nervous system in new ways by collecting Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. This is a unique, extremely exciting,…  The Insight™ Inclinometer is used to perform accurate spinal range-of-motion (ROM) measurements. There are three market-leading features…

Feeling vs Function Poster
Debbie Case Study(Download pdf)
COREscore Market Visibility Package