The Insight FAQs

Q: How long does it typically take to implement the Insight into my practice?

A: Typically, within 1-2 days we can get doctors using the system on patients. New patients can begin being scanned immediately as part of your new patient exam process, as well as get a baseline on all of your existing patients over the first 1-2 months of using the technology.

Q: What can I charge for the Insight scanning tests?

A: On average Insight clients charge patients $25 to $125 for the tests. This depends on the location of your practice and your overall pricing structure.

Q: Can my staff perform the scans, and what’s the average time it takes to perform a scan?

A: Yes, the majority of Insight owners have their staff perform the scans on patients. Depending on the Insight package you purchase for your practice, the average scan time can range between 5 to 20 minutes.

Q: What if my chiropractic adjusting technique is ….?

A: The Insight technology seamlessly integrates with all chiropractic techniques being performed today.

Q: How often should I perform a scan on my patient and what if the scan looks worse?

A: CLA recommends that patients should be scanned every 10th to 12th visit or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Because people live their lives through their nervous system, a patient’s scan will always look different from their previous scan, 10-12 visits ago. Factors such as stress level, nutrition, etc. should be taken into account when going over your patients scans with them.

Q: How does this correlate to x-rays?

A: Because bones are passive and not active structures, they don’t move on their own. Muscles are responsible for moving bones and as a result, there will be a correlation between the EMG scans and the patient’s x-rays, specifically in the muscle symmetry. The curve of the spine will normally go along with how the muscles are pulling.

Q: Is the Insight technology backed by science validity and are the scans reproducible?

A: Yes. The INSIGHT section of the Products tab will walk you through the science, certifications and reproducibility of the Insight and Insight scans.

Q: Can I use the Insight scans as documentation for PI and Workers Comp cases?

A: Absolutely. Objective documentation is key and the Insight Technology has been used in many cases over the years to document a patient’s necessity for care. Generally, the sEMG, Dynamic EMG, Wireless Dual Inclinometer for range of motion, along with the Algometer are used to show this objective necessity for care.