Preowned INSiGHTs

Are you thinking about buying a pre-owned INSiGHT™?

If you are seeking to purchase pre-owned INSiGHT™ scanning technology, you are well on your way to providing your patients with the tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle. However, before entrusting your practice and your patients to this system, you must make sure the INSiGHT™ you’re purchasing is up to the task. Buying pre-owned chiropractic equipment is always a risk, which is why CLA is here to help you determine the quality of any INSiGHT™ system before you purchase it.

How can I learn more about a pre-owned INSiGHT™ system?

Contact CLA today for a detailed INSiGHT™ History report on any system. All you need is a serial number to access the following pertinent information:

  • Age of the chiropractic equipment – Older INSiGHT™ models may be more prone to complications. In addition, the age of the equipment could affect its operating speed or compatibility with other chiropractic equipment.
  • Certification status – If the INSiGHT™ system you intend to purchase isn’t a CLA-certified pre-owned unit, there is no guarantee that it will deliver the transformative results that make this equipment so essential.
  • Details about past service and repair issues – This could shed light on ongoing technical problems that could require attention later on.
  • System type – The CLA report will indicate if an Insight system is digital or analog. Though analog chiropractic tools may appear to function properly at first, you may experience a few hiccups if you introduce a new computer or chiropractic software. Avoid compatibility issues by selecting a digital model if possible.

CLA’s INSiGHT™ system is an incredible benefit that can enhance the quality of chiropractic care you provide while giving patients a tool to monitor their progress. Contact CLA today if you have questions about a pre-owned INSiGHT™ system.