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Our most personalized approach ever fits your unique practice style and is backed by advanced technologies.

What is the solution?

The neuroSOLUT!ON is an all-in-one practice success platform. This new cloud based program is designed to provide all the tools and strategies necessary to bring your practice to new heights, while offering a new patient experience.

Love the way you practice…just smarter!

No matter how busy you are or what your practice goals may be, our new doctor portal gives you everything you need to create your ideal and successful practice. This cloud-based platform is designed to provide your office with easy solutions to attain the highest levels of clinical certainty while creating maximum growth.

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Creating New Gateways –
Achieve New Levels of Communication

The world doesn’t stop when you leave the office, so why should your practice? With your own personalized patient portal, your patients get 24/7 access to a practice-branded and cloud-based platform that brings their Chiropractic experience to a new level.

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Reach for the…clouds?

neuroDRIVE V.1 is CLA’s new generation of INSIGHT software, bringing you a cloud based solution with a fast and easy install wizard, automatic updates, along with automatic syncing of scan and patient data. Our new neuroDRIVE software brings you a wide array of features, from updated graphics to updated reporting and a more efficient scanning process. With your needs in mind, we’re focused on reaching new heights.

Rediscover your inner Chiropractic passion & fuel your future success

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