Why CLA?

. . . the times they are a-changin’ – Bob Dylan

On the one hand, the fabled Wellness Revolution is in full swing – a $500 billion industry, up from $200 billion in 2002. This is economic proof that people are seriously investing in their health – even as the percentage of overweight Americans continues to climb. On the other hand, our economy is reeling from the collapse of the housing market and banking institutions. The times are indeed changing, and in change lies opportunity. For good or bad, change means stress. Which is why people need chiropractic now more than ever, and why DCs who are “market ready” are already answering the call and growing their practices.

Essential to our comprehensive approach to chiropractic is the remarkable technology embodied in our Space-Certified, Insight Subluxation Station. With it, chiropractors are able to establish a reliable, scientifically valid, quantitative, multidimensional representation of their patient’s condition – something never before possible. The insight this provides is significant on many levels. It enable chiropractors to analyze a patient’s condition more accurately. It enables them to communicate their findings more effectively. It enables both the chiropractors and patients to track the effectiveness of treatment…
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The Insight Subluxation Station IS THE BEST TECHNOLOGY OF ITS KIND, accompanied by the most comprehensive practice expansion tools and programs in the business.  While the Insight allows chiropractors to build a base of patients who are willing to make chiropractic a key element in their personal mission of long term wellness for themselves and their families, the our comprehensive approach includes;
1] Breakthrough Marketing System
2] A Powerful Practice and Procedure System
3] A practical, hard-driving philosophy to unite your efforts and inspire you to achieve a level of professional and personal success never before thought possible!
4] Opportunities to participate and join the legendary Total Solution program, or the international OnPurpose series and powerful events like the CLA Leadership Summit

So, Why CLA? Because CLA is committed to providing Chiropractors with practice transforming technology (that literally becomes an extension of their hands) to revolutionize the next generation of chiropractic as a whole with our simple, but powerful philosophy. To provide lifetime family wellness care through an insurance-independent practice model. … Click here to have a CLA Achievement Specialist contact you.


From Uncertainty to Insight
Transformational Practice Tools

In Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s own words…

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