Is stress taking a toll on your heart? Find out with HRV monitoring

Ample research has surfaced in recent years documenting a dramatic rise in stress levels across the country.

Microsoft to stop support for Windows XP: What it means for HIPAA compliance and your practice

Though it may seem like Apple is everywhere, the truth is that many practices — chiropractic and otherwise — rely on desktop PCs and the Microsoft operating system for office management and healthcare.

Is your wellness program improving your health?

G.Russell Reiss, MD Cardiothoracic  Surgeon Introduction Everywhere we look, people are talking about wellness. They are discussing what it is, how it helps us, where […]

Don’t Get Left Behind

Websters defines a movement as “an organized approached by a group to achieve a common goal“. Wellness is such a movement.  Wellness is no longer […]

The Call That Changed My Life

This story is told by Dr. Jason. “I have been doing screenings for the last eight years.  It seems like I would always schedule less […]

Don’t Hide

Over 70% of consumers use the Internet as their main source of information gathering.  Shopping, directions, research and LOOKING FOR A CHIROPRACTOR. Are you listed […]

Simplifying Wellness

Developing a family wellness practice is easy – if you have the right tools, drive and desire. Patients have busy, complicated lives.  They want to […]

Summit 2013 – Amazing

Talking with doctors and CA’s about their experience at our recent Summit 2013 can be summed up in one word – AMAZING! (Their word, not […]

The Business Of Wellness

The power of the New, Re-Imagined Creating Wellness is something I had to share with you! First…For the past 90 days Free coaching calls designed […]

6 Compelling Reasons To Attend

Book Now while the savings are great! Room Block closes January 17th – end of day. Being with your Valentine is hard to beat, but […]

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