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Chiropractic – 21st Century Dominant Health Care Strategy

Dr. Christopher Kent explores Tone, Tensegrity and Chiropractic. “Alterations in the tone of the somatic system may be evaluated using surface EMG. Altered autonomic tone […]

Where are we going?

The future of chiropractic is immensely rich with clinical promise! In the last hundred years, the chiropractic profession has grown from a single practitioner to […]

Vertebral subluxation — historical considerations

The term “subluxation” has a long history in the healing arts literature. According to Haldeman [1] it was used at the time of Hippocrates [2], […]

Tone and 'tensegrity'

The discoverer of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, wrote extensively about the concept of tone. According to Palmer: “Life is the expression of tone. In that sentence […]

The subluxation degeneration model

Subluxation degeneration has been described as a progressive process associated with abnormal spinal mechanics. The degenerative changes are associated with various mechanisms of neurological dysfunction. […]

Studies report benefits of chiropractic care for asthma patients

Media reports of a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine (1), that chiropractic care did not benefit asthma patients, is inconsistent with […]

Stress and vertebral subluxation

Interest in the role stress plays with the dynamics of health has resulted in a proliferation of strategies designed to minimize or “manage” stress. To […]

Staying the course

It is appropriate to consider the direction our profession should take in the 21st century. Sociologist Walter Wardwell suggests that chiropractic become a “limited medical […]

Spinal abnormalities and visceral disease

Somatovisceral relationships have been described in the medical literature of the early 20th century, and related to “minor curvatures” affecting specific levels of the spine. […]

Shake and bake revisited

A previous column (1) revealed the news that physical therapy is no more effective than a placebo for the relief of pain in musculoskeletal conditions, […]

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