Communicating with Patients


TCP 155: The Strongest Voice: Telling your story your way; making a difference in your world with Dr. David Fletcher

Dr. David Fletcher is an original wellness chiropractor whose message is focused on awakening the innate healing response within all of us. Families, individuals, corporations […]


May Practice Tips – Knowing the Difference Between “Good and Bad” Scans

Dr. David Fletcher, DC, FRCCSS(C) Chief Clinical Officer, CLA Scanning can be the most informative and inspiring experience for both the patient and the doctor […]

Building a practice free from insurance dependency

Through educating and empowering their patients to take treatment decisions into their own hands, chiropractors can break their own insurance dependency.

The power of referrals for chiropractic practices

Any chiropractor knows that a practice is only as good as its patient base.