Creating Wellness: Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. Get Adjusted.

“The degree to which an individual experiences health and vitality
in all dimensions of life.”

The Creating Wellness Alliance has developed the premier model for the chiropractic wellness center. With its world-class branding, breakthrough service models, 21st century economic model, and powerful, proven corporate wellness programs, the future of the lifestyle based chiropractic wellness center is here!

Learn about the world of Creating Wellness!

Unique to Creating Wellness is the Wellness Quotient (WQ) – a number value that indicates where your personal level of wellness falls on the scale of the wellness continuum. It is calculated by the results of a Wellness Assessment that measures you in all three dimensions of your life – physical, biochemical, and psychological.

Remember, life does not stand still. Every decision you make will move you in a direction toward wellness or sickness on the wellness continuum.  What direction are you moving in? We are here for you to help you achieve the life you want.