Dr. David Fletcher

Dr. David Fletcher DC, FRCCSS(C)
Chairman/ Chief Clinical Officer


Dr. David Fletcher holds a unique position within the chiropractic profession. The path that has led him to become the Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer of CLA has always included being an active practitioner. Many who teach within the profession or lead companies, choose to leave the practice environment. Dr. Fletcher has remained in practice, describing it as his “living laboratory” where innovative healing programs can be created while the development of best practice procedures can be ” true tested”. As a Fellow in the Chiropractic Sport Sciences, he is actively involved in the development of wellness and performance care models for athletes and family practice members. As well, he is an international lecturer on stress and healing strategies from a chiropractic perspective.

Chiropractic’s philosophy, art and science provide the direction for CLA’s growth and management. CLA’s INSiGHT neural stress analysis technologies provide the certainty that chiropractors demand when they are relating their care plans to patients and educating them on the power of the adjustment. Dr. Fletcher’s development of the COREscore reporting platform for the INSiGHT technologies is being heralded as a breakthrough in chiropractic’s acceptance worldwide.

His company, Chiropractic Leadership Alliance , is the leading stress analysis technology company serving chiropractic. For the past two decades, CLA has been the thought leader and technology innovator within the profession. Unmanaged stress is the leading cause of degenerative disease and declining wellness. Measuring its impact on core nervous system functions is an essential component in shifting the conversation towards health and healing in every community.